Opened in February 2015

Noor Hotel is a fashionable boutique hotel and timeless base in the centre of Bandung. Our beautiful rooms exude an enticing mix of France elegance design and Islamic touch that offer a luxurious hideaway, close to most Bandung's major attractions.

With excellent service and facilities, taking care of you is always our pleasure including muslim travellers.

Our Standard

1. Muslim Friendly Rooms
Each room has an arrow on the ceiling indicating the direction of Mecca. A complete praying attire and Korans are readily available. With 15 TV channels available, there will be no adult movies on the in-room entertainment.
2. Halal Restaurant
The hotel restaurant is not only halal and pork free but it does not serve alcohol either. During the month of Ramadan we offer special Ramadan packages, with the pre-dawn breakfast and a buffet in the evening to end each day's fasting.
3. Praying Facilities
There are prayer rooms on site as well as the comfortable ablution facilities on the first floor next to the meeting rooms, making it easier for delegates of meetings, conferences, seminars or trainings to observe their muslim practice needs.
4. Smoke-free Hotel Policy
We are committed to providing our guests and associates with a smoke-free environment, and to being an environmentally friendly Hotel. We are proud to boast one of the most comprehensive smoke-free hotel policies in the industry.
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