A Moment of Retrospection, Assessment, Accounting, or Reckoning

“Muhasabah,” can be translated as retrospection, assessment, accounting, or reckoning. If we could see ourselves objectively we would be aware of how we have spent our lives, what debts (or karma) we have created, and what we need to do to “pay” for our actions and our lives.

We provide high quality and affordable rooms for groups who would like to engage in this retrospection, assessing our actions, our emotions, and our thought.

Price per Room Minimum
Dinner for 2 Breakfast for 2 Room Hire*
Small Group Package 795.000,-/nett 5
Regular Group Package 730.000,-/nett 20
Muhasabah Package 995.000,-/nett 5

*Room hire is for the purpose of observing Maghrib, Isha and Tahajjud prayer in group.

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